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17. april 2024
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What happens between the moment we are conceived through birth is a foundational experience that is replayed throughout life. Unresolved traumatic impact from this time can affect an individual from infancy through old age in various ways.


Pre,- and perinatal psychologists have discovered that unmet needs, stress, and trauma experienced by the embryo, foetus, and baby during the conception, prenatal, birth and neonatal periods can be attributed to be the origins of nearly every mental health disorder and attachment issue in relationships.

During this 3-day workshop Anna will explain how conception, prenatal and birth related experiences create imprints and patterns that can be recognised, and how integrating them can become a powerful aid to improving outcomes in all areas of our lives; physical, mental, emotional, and relational.


Workshop Topics


Day 1: Pre-conception & conception 

  • The soul journey,  preconception, sperm and egg consciousness
  • Moment of conception, implantation and discovery imprints
  • Various conception scenarios, (wanted, accidental, reproductive technology, etc.)


Day 2: Prenatal scenarios and experiences

  • Different womb-types (lush, toxic, engulfing, etc)
  • Emotional and physical prenatal events, (prenatal loss, illness, maternal depression, stress, vanishing twin, etc.)
  • Medical prenatal events; pro’s and con’s of routine prenatal testing


Day 3: Perinatal experiences and birthimprints

  • How birth scenarios, experiences & methods create longterm imprints, (natural birth, induction of labor, vacuum extraction, forceps delivery, emergency or planned cesarean, NICU admission, prematurity, incubator stay, intubation, etc.)
  • The effects of these early imprints on our belief-system, fears, and personal &

professional relationships.

  • Identifying and working with conception, pre and perinatal imprints.



Anna Verwaal, RN CLE

Anna Verwaal is a maternal-child health nurse, birth consultant, certified lactation, pre & perinatal and childbirth educator, REI infant educarer, doula trainer, TEDx Speaker and international lecturer and workshop facilitator from The Netherlands.

At a young age she discovered, through both her personal and professional experiences, that the conception, pregnancy and birth experience form imprints that continue to repeat in live until they are made conscious. After a long career in clinical obstetrics and specialized home care in Los Angeles, Anna started to work with families and babies to help prevent and heal pre and perinatal imprints and trauma.

In 1995, she met the founders of APPPAH, the Association of Pre & Perinatal Psychology and Health, who confirmed that her observations could be scientifically proven.

Since 2006, Anna has traveled all over the world to help spread this knowledge and experiences through lectures and workshops. The content consists of a combination of clinical knowledge, the latest developments in epigenetics and pre and perinatal psychology and sensitive birth photography. Together with the experiences she has gained over the past 35 years in different countries and cultures in collaboration with therapists, psychologists, gynecologists, obstetricians and indigenous midwives.

Currently Anna has an online practice and helps clients gain insights about their early imprints and teaches professionals how to work with this.

For more information: or watch her TEDxTalk:

From womb to world — the journey that shapes our life: Anna Verwaal at TEDxABQWomen – YouTube


About the venue:
Nestled with an overview of Norway’s biggest river and surrounded by the forest and fields, Opaker farm embodies regenerative farming and community living. Guided by organic and regenerative principles, our kitchen strive to offer either self or locally produced organic food. The farm was recently awarded a prestigious prize for our commitment to organic farming.
Renovated in traditional Norwegian style, our 26 rooms, housed in charming buildings dating back to the 1800s, blends rustic charm with modern comfort, fostering communal living. Beyond physical comfort, Opaker farm is a haven of togetherness, where volunteers, employees and guests forge lasting connections. We want you to feel like home.
We welcome you to experience sustainability, nature and community amidst Norway’s natural beauty.

Earlybird prices before June 1st:
Per person in doubleroom including all meals: 6300 NOK
Per person in singlerroom including all meals: 7500 NOK
Prices after June 1st:
Per person in doubleroom including all meals: 6800 NOK
Per person in singlerroom including all meals: 8000 NOK

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